eMule Version 0.24b erschienen

Erschienen: 29.12.2002, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: eMule-Project, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Und auch die Spirale der eMule-Versionen dreht sich immer weiter und wir bekommen fast jede Woche eine neue verbesserte Version. In dieser Woche war 0.24b an der Reihe. Hier der Changelog der neusten Version...

"Dirus: Fixed a bug that made caused eMule to ask the same person for sources instead of a new person after a set time.
Dirus: Fixed a bug that allowed eMule to respond too often (as often as asked) to source sharing requests, rather than according to our preset limits.
Dirus: Fixed a bug that prevented people who use UDP from getting sources from those with complete files.
Unk: Changing max source per file bug fixed.
Unk: Highest and Release priority bug fixed.
Unk: Search results added to a search list with no tab fixed.
Unk: Some of the connection statistics wasn´t updated while not in the statistic window.. Fixed.
Dirus: Made source exchange use compression more aggressively.
Dirus: Fixed crash due to stopped/canceled file corrupting the download list controller and the shared file list.
Dirus: Partial fix for preventing ourselves from being readded to a sourcelist when someone sends us back as a source. (some code by Lord KiRon)
Ornis: Connectionattempts restart when reaching the serverlist-end
Ornis: Added statistics: Clientversions (# of clients using the 4 latest edonkey-/emule-versions) [xrmb]; server occupation (% of userload on servers with known userlimit)
Dirus: Fixed crash than can occur from a corrupted part.met file.
Dirus: Accepted fix for possible garbage displayed in labels when run with multibyte character set. (by pooz)"

Download: eMule 0.24b

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