FIC mit zwei neuen i865 Springdale Motherboards

Erschienen: 22.05.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Nach Hersteller wie Asus und EPoX stellt nun auch FIC seine beiden neuen Hauptplatinen auf Basis des i865 Springdale vor. Das P4-865PE Max unterstützt die üblichen Features, wie zum Beispiel Dual-Channel, FSB533/800 und vieles mehr. Das neue P4M-865G Max verfügt zusätzlich über eine integrierte Grafik und kann auch mit FSB400 Prozessoren betrieben werden. Weitere Details in der offiziellen Pressemitteilung (Englisch)...

"Taipei 22 May 2003- First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) is very pleased to announce the launch of 2 brand new motherboards based on the eagerly anticipated Intel® 865 series chipsets. The 865 series chipsets are very new to the market and represent an extremely significant advance in chipset technology. FIC is very pleased to be able to offer the P4M-865G Max and P4-865PE Max based on the new technology on the same day that Intel® launches the chipsets that make them possible.

Ernest Cheng, Executive Assistant to the Chairman at FIC announced, “The fact that FIC can get new technology to market so fast is down to the exemplary work of our research and development team here in Taipei. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality products ahead of the competition.”

Both new motherboards support the latest Intel® P4 processors with up to 800MHz front side bus (FSB) and Intel’s unique Hyper Threading technology. Until now chipset technology has only allowed FSB speeds of up to 533MHz. The new 800MHz FSB is more than 50% faster and offers a real performance advantage.

Hyper-Threading Technology is a groundbreaking innovation from Intel® that enables multi-threaded software applications to execute multiple threads in parallel. Until now this facility has not been available to mainstream users but new Intel chipsets mean that motherboards in the mainstream market can now benefit.

P4-865PE Max

The ATX form factor P4-865PE Max is based on the Intel® 865PE chipset with ICH5R South Bridge and supports Intel® processors up to 3.06 GHz and beyond with 533/800MHz FSB. The board also features 4 DIMM slots and supports up to 4GB of the very latest DDR memory. Other on-board features include serial ATA, 5.1 channel audio, USB 2.0, IEEE1394 (option), LAN interface, 5 PCI slots and AGP 4X/8X support.

P4M-865G Max

The micro ATX form factor P4M-865G Max is based on the Intel® 865G chipset with ICH5 South Bridge and supports Intel® processors up to 3.06 GHz and beyond with 400/533/800MHz FSB. On-board features include support for up to 2GB of 400DDR memory, on-board 5.1 channel audio, on-board video, Serial ATA, USB 2.0, IEEE1394 (option), LAN interface, 3 PCI slots and AGP 4X/8X support.

Both the P4-865PE Max and the P4-865G Max come with FIC NOVUS utilities and support mouse/keyboard wake up, suspend to RAM, auto power failure recovery, keyboard/mouse power on, hardware based intelligent anti virus protection, hardware monitoring and hard disk fault protection..."

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