Für Desktop und Notebook: SiS 755

Erschienen: 22.09.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Nachdem SiS am heutigen Tag bereits den SiS 760 mit integrierter Grafik vorgestellt hat (News), präsentiert man nun noch eine Discrete-Lösung ohne Grafiklösung. Das Besondere am neuen SiS Chipsatz ist jedoch, dass er sowohl in Desktop- als auch in Notebook-Systemen zum Einsatz kommen kann. Somit werden wir den Chipsatz wohl des Öfteren in späteren Full-Size AMD64 Notebooks sehen.

"Recently released SiS755, a discrete chipset that supports AMD64-Bit platform, has caught immediate attention from both domestic and international leading manufacturers. By following the success of SiS740 and SiS746FX, SiS755 that supports the latest model of AMD processor has not only received favorable attention of numerous desktop makers, but also has become a promising option in the eyes of many notebook producers.

SiS740 and SiS746FX, widely adopted by major Japanese and European notebook producers including Epson and NEC, have been introduced into the notebook market more than one year and still are very highly demanded in the market today. Due to the positive market feedback on SiS740 and SiS746FX chipsets, numerous manufacturers have shown high interest in SiS755 that supports AMD64.

SiS755 supports both AMD Athlon™ 64 and Opteron™ processors. It also supports HyperTransport™ technology with 8/16-bit links, which enables the FSB transmission speed up to 6.4GB bandwidth. In addition, SiS755 integrates AGP 8X Interface and SiS HyperStreaming™ Engine. The combination of SiS755 HyperStreaming™ Engine and AMD HyperTransport™ greatly enhances the speed of I/O data transmission, and improves network data transmission capacity and system response time..."

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