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Erschienen: 12.12.2002, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: Futuremark, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Wer kenn die berühmten Programme des Unternehmens MadOnion nicht, wie zum Beispiel PC Mark und 3D Mark, die wohl die bekanntesten sein dürften. Nun hat sich MadOnion für einen neuen Firmennamen und ein komplett neues Auftreten im Internet entschieden. Der neue Name des Unternehmens wird ab sofort "Futuremark" sein. Durch die Namensänderung will man eine engere Beziehnung zwischen den Produktbezeichnungen und der Firmenbezeichnung schaffen. Mehr über das Unternehmen Futuremark und die künftigen Pläne, erfahren sie in der Pressemitteilung (Englisch)...

"Saratoga, CA – December 11th, 2002 –™, announced today that it has changed its company name to Futuremark® Corporation. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of the 3DMark® and PCMark™ product lines and to align its corporate and product brand identities.

Futuremark® Corporation will continue to be the leading provider of computer performance analysis software and services to its established corporate and end-user customer bases. In addition, the company provides services to IT industry companies, enabling online marketing based on personalized performance information and allowing them to provide enhanced customer support.

"Effectively we are leveraging the phenomenal success of the 3DMark® product line," said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Futuremark® Corporation. "With over 100 large corporate customers and 30 million end-users using our products and services today, we felt it was a good time to capitalize on the momentum of our product family."

Futuremark® Corporation has adopted its new name as a statement of the brand value of its products and is delivering on this promise with a synergistic, two-pronged approach. First, Futuremark® will continue to offer and expand on their popular 3DMark® and PCMark™ benchmark software suites. Second, Futuremark®’s service offerings complement the product lines and offer unique tools for product marketing, market intelligence and customer support. Futuremark® is well positioned into growth into new areas of benchmarking, such as the PDA and the wireless handset market.

"In conjunction with our aggressive software development and service strategies, we have been pursuing the development of a strong corporate identity that will accurately represent our company and its services to our clients and prospects”, stated Sarkkinen. "While our company name is changing, all core elements of the organization will remain the same. Futuremark® Corporation will continue to provide our customers and partners with the ability to objectively analyze computer performance and we will continue to place emphasis on our strong partnerships with industry leaders," continued Sarkkinen.

Along with the name change, the company adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and visual identity, and a new website that can be found at The changes are effective immediately, and all future business activity will be undertaken with the new name..."

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