GeForce 4 Techdemo Auschnitte

Erschienen: 13.02.2002, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: nVidia, Autor: Pascal Heller

nVidia hat eine Anzahl von Videos der GeForce 4 auf ihrer Site veröffentlicht. Bei den Videos handelt es sich Vordergründig um Ausschnitte aus den Tech-Demos. Aber auch ein fast ein stündiges Video des Geforce 4 Launch in San Francisco ist dabei.

Demos: Twister „Twister takes the danger out of capturing tornado footage. In this demo, you’re placed right up front where you can steer the very forces of nature.”

Demos: Grace “Enjoy the balance of dynamic physics and robotic grace as you watch the dancer. She dances fast or slow and even pauses, while the cloth and bubbles whip and flow around her.”

Demos: Tidepool „The shores are realistically rendered using Z-correct bump mapping, allowing the water to interact with the shores with infinitely more detail than ever before, possible by the nfiniteFX II’s pixel processor”

Demos: Wolfman “Another first for NVIDIA - real-time volumetric fur rendering on a fully animated character model. 100,000 polygons, and eight fur layers make the NVIDIA Wolfman a rendering challenge that makes other graphics cards run away screaming!”

Demos: Bugs “The only things more disgusting than being swarmed by alien bugs is to render without NVIDIA’s accelerated antialiasing hardware”

Geforce 4 Launch Video aus San Francisco hier

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