FIC mit zwei neuen SiS-Hauptplatinen

Erschienen: 11.04.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

VI35VL und VI35L sind die Namen der beiden neuen Hauptplatinen von Hersteller FIC, welche beide auf neuen Chipsätzen von SiS basieren werden. Beide Boards sind für den Pentium IV, wobei das VI35VL auf Basis des SiS 645DX und das VI35L auf Basis des SiS 651 sein wird. Genauere Informationen zu den späteren Ladenpreisen sind bisher nicht bekannt. Folgend die Presseinfo von FIC (Englisch)...

"Taipei 4 April 2003- First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) is committed to providing the most comprehensive range of motherboards possible based on all the available chipset technology. 2 New motherboards have been added to the range this month. The VI35VL is based on the SiS 645 DX chipset and the VI35L is based on the SiS 651chipset.

Gene Sheu, President of the FIC Networking and Information Group commented this morning, “At FIC we are constantly striving to produce a range of high quality products for every possible occasion. I want customers to be able to come to FIC and find exactly the motherboard they need without having to make any compromises.” The Sheu dream is becoming a reality. The range of products available from FIC is indeed comprehensive and no corners have been cut. All motherboards from FIC are of the very highest quality.

The micro ATX VI35VL motherboard supports Intel® P4 Processors with a 400/533MHz system data bus. Based on the celebrated SiS 645 DX chipset, the VI35VL supports up to 2GB of DDR 333 memory, 1 AGP 4X slot and 3 PCI slots. Other features include on-board audio, 10/100 LAN, up to 6 USB 2.0 ports, ATA 100/133 and fan speed/temperature monitoring.

The VI35L is a micro ATX motherboard based on the SiS 651 chipset and features a 400/533MHz system data bus. The VI35L supports Intel® P4 processors and up to 2GB of DDR 333 memory, 1 AGP 4X slot and 3 PCI slots. Other features include on-board video, on-board audio, 10/100 LAN, up to 6 USB 2.0 ports and ATA 100/133.

Developed by Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lucent, Microsoft, NEC and Philips, USB 2.0 is a new serial bus interface that runs much faster than the old USB 1.0. USB 2.0 increases data rates to 480Mbps, a 40 fold increase in speed over USB 1.0. This means users can run high performance USB peripherals more efficiently and without worrying about bandwidth problems.

Like all FIC motherboards the VI35L and VI35VL come with a generous bundle of free software on CD including Norton Anti Virus, Personal Firewall and Ghost. Customers will also benefit from the popular NOVUS® suite of utilities including Logo Genie®, HotKey and BIOS Guardian®..."

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