SiS 741: FSB400 und intergrierte Grafik

Erschienen: 12.08.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Mit dem neuen 741 bringt SiS einen Athlon XP Chipsatz auf den Markt, der FSB400 unterstützt und gleichzeitig noch eine integrierte Grafik beherbergt. Bei der verbauten Grafik handelt es sich um die altbekannte Real256E DirectX 7.0 Variante. Die Massenproduktion der ersten Motherboards soll bereits im nächsten Monat starten. Zu den Merkmalen der SiS 964 Southbridge zählt unter anderem Serial-ATA 150...

"Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a world leader in core logic products, today announces the latest integrated chipset supporting the 400MHz Front Side Bus on AMD AthlonTM XP platform - SiS741. With the 400MHz FSB and high-speed DDR400 features, the SiS741 also embeds the high performance graphic engine to provide excellent performance for computer players...

With the leading-specifications, SiS741 enables AMD AthlonTM XP 400MHz FSB and DDR400 RAM to achieve the optimal performance and the outstanding operating environmen. The powerful chipset also provides superior image qualities that totally redefine the top-of-the-line graphic standard of the integrated chipsets.

Furthermore, by adopting SiS’ revolutionary HyperStreaming™ Technology and the intellectual data-processing module, SiS741 offers the best performance and the most efficient resource distribution. The data transmission can be processed either synchronously or by batch to fully exploit the incomparable power of the multi-task operating environment.

Motherboard makers have been starting on the testing and related design with the SiS741 engineering sample. Mass production of motherboards adopting the SiS741 chipset will commence in September 2003..."

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