ATi Catalyst Treiber = Spyware?

Erschienen: 22.01.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: RivaStation, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Wie man im Forum von RivaStation nachlesen kann, steht ATi´s Catalyst Treiber im Verdacht eine Spyware zu sein. Etliche User berichten dort, dass der neue Treiber bzw. das Control-Panel nach der Installation andauernd versucht eine Verbindung zu Microsoft-Servern aufzubauen...

ATi musste nun Antwort geben, um die Verdachte von sich zu lenken. Das ATi Drivers Development Team entgegnete den Fragen mit folgender Antwort...

"In no way is ATI responsible for using or installing any spyware or other monitoring services as part of CATALYST. We recognize that customers may be experiencing these symptoms and ATI is working directly with these customers to resolve the issue. ATI has developers working to track this issue. Furthermore, ATI have started engaging with Microsoft to see if they know anything about this situation as it appears that the IP it is trying to connect to seems to be a Microsoft site for CRL (Certificate Revoked List).

ATI will provide an update as soon as the resolution is discovered. But once again, this is not an ATI specific activity that is causing these events..."

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