SiS mit Quad-Channel Chipsatz: SiS R659

Erschienen: 10.07.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Nachdem sich nun im Bereich der DDR-RAM Chipsätze die neuen Dual-Channel Technik eingebürgert hat, geht SiS zusammen mit Rambus schon wieder einen Schritt weiter, und veröffentlicht den ersten Quad-Channel Chipsatz. Mit dem SiS R659 sollen laut SiS Datendurchsätze von bis zu 9,6 GB/sec möglich sein, vorrausgesetzt man verwendet 1200 MHz RDRAM Module. Gemeinsam mit der SiS 964 Southbridge sorgt der neuen Quad-Channel Chip auch für ordentlich Features untern anderem 6-Kanal Sound, Serial-ATA und vieles mehr bieten. Folgend die offizielle Pressemeldung (Englisch)...

"Taipei, July 10, 2003 –Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), a leading manufacturer of core logic chipsets, participates the Rambus® Developer Forum (RDF), in Tokyo Japan to be one of the key-note and showcase the latest upgrade of RDRAM SiSR659 chipset. SiSR659, which fully supports the HyperStreaming™ technology, can be teamed up with the recently launched SiS964 South Bridge chipset to become the best solution for high-end platforms.

Rambus® RDRAM has the highest expandability for capacity and the largest bandwidth in the market, offering the best choice for high-end users with an eye for performance. The RDF is one of the series of technological exchange forums hosted by Rambus® to promote its related product technologies. In order to demonstrate the enhanced quality, enriched product lines, and more alternatives for high-end users, SiS actively participates in the forum on July 10 and 11 to introduce the powerful combination of SiSR659 and SiS964

SiS President and CEO, Michael Chen, said in his key-note speech, "Through HyperStreaming? and the inclusion of SiS964, SiSR659 will be the perfect fit for a high-end workstation platform. We are proud to present the products at RDF Japan to demonstrates our commitment in future development in Rambus® Platform and the strong partnership between the 2 companies."

SiSR659, adopted the high-end memory architecture of Rambus®, exclusively supports quad-channel RDRAM. This can greatly improve the transmission bandwidth. Coupled with SiS® exclusive HyperStreaming™ architecture, SiSR659 facilitates a speedier and smoother usage environment. For users demanding massive computing power, SiSR659 fulfills the needs for high-speed data handling and highly efficient operating environments.

SiSR659 employs Rambus® high-speed interface and memory controlling technology. It supports up to quad-channel, 1,200 Mhz RDRAM modules, and its memory bandwidth can reach 9.6 Gbytes/sec - the fastest in the market, and the total capacity can be up to 16 Gbytes! In addition, SiSR659 will support the SiS964 South Bridge chipset. Besides the 5.1 channel audio, the V.90 modem and the Ethernet network, SiS964 offers up to 8 sets of USB 2.0/1.1, two sets of P-ATA133/100/66 and two sets of S-ATA150 - the industry´s newest specifications. These features greatly enhance the connectivity of peripherals. SiS964 also supports multiple RAID series, including RAID0, RAID1 and JBOD, which extensively elevate the reliability and performance of the operating environment. Moreover, with additional disk expansion capability through SiS180, the system is simultaneously compliant with 4 S-ATA and 6 P-ATA disks. Such advanced features and system performance are boasted to surpass the expectation of high-end users.

Samples of the above products are to be rolled out in Q3..."

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