Soyo bringt das Dragon KT600 Ultra Platinum

Erschienen: 16.07.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Nachdem bereits die ersten Motherboards auf Basis des neuen VIA KT600 vorgestellt wurden, präsentiert nun auch Hersteller Soyo ein entsprechendes Motherboard. Das Dragon KT600 Ultra Platinum wird künftig in zwei verschiedenen Versionen erhätlich sein, wobei sich die beiden Pakete im Lieferumfang und der Ausstattung unterscheiden werden. Weitere Informationen entnehmen sie der folgenden Pressemeldung (Englisch)...

"FREMONT, CA (July 14th, 2003) – SOYO Computer, Inc. (OTCBB: SOYO), today announced its most feature-rich DRAGON-series motherboard for AMD CPUs. SOYO’s DRAGON SY-KT600 Ultra Platinum with VIA KT600 chipset supports Socket A AMD XP 3200+ processors with 400MHz FSB, and includes many advanced features to deliver a complete solution for home or office environments.

SOYO’s new DRAGON SY-KT600 motherboard supports DDR400 and also supports up to 3GB (3-184 pin DDR sockets) of memory, which increases processor speed, and accelerates the memory bandwidth.

The new embedded RAID chip enables Level 0 (data striping), Level 1 (disk mirroring) or Levels 0+1 to increase security and maximize the overall performance of the hard drive.

The SY-KT600 Ultra Platinum includes total of eight USB 2.0 ports (4 rear, 4 pin headers), and three IEEE 1394 Firewire ports (1 rear, 2 pin headers) for quick and easy connections to multimedia peripherals. The IEEE1394 Firewire interface enhances PC connectivity with consumer electronic appliances such as DVD players/recorders, DV cameras, and storage peripherals.

The board comes with all the standard I/O’s such as PS/2 (for mouse and keyboard), two serial ports, and a printer port. The new Serial ATA (SATA) interface is also a standard feature on the SY-KT600. SATA improves the system airflow because it utilizes a new thin cabling system to simplify the connection between the host controller and the data storage devices. SATA also makes it more cost-effective for users to integrate RAID and multi-drive systems into present storage applications.

The SY-KT600 Ultra Platinum is easily expandable with five 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots (V2.2 compliant) and includes one AGP PRO slot (support up to 8x mode) for smoother and more realistic graphics.

SOYO has embedded Surround Sound capability as well as Gigabit LAN performance on the SY-KT600, which saves valuable expansion slots. The embedded on board CMI 8738 hardware audio chipset provides a 6-channel audio solution for true Surround Sound effects. Gigabit LAN performance is achieved with the new embedded Broadcom BCM5705 Gigabit LAN chip. With networking bandwidth of 1 Gigabit, users can easily download MP3 and AVI data and distribute the information to locally networked PCs.

SOYO has integrated many smart overclocking options into the SY-KT600. Users can customize their boards to specific applications by adjusting the CPU FSB, core voltage & multiplier, and memory and AGP Pro voltages.

The Dragon SY-KT600 board will be available in two versions. The SY-KT600 Ultra Platinum will be bundled with SOYO’s BayOne AVI PLUS breakout box, which features a combination Flash media reader/writer, two front IEEE 1394 Firewire ports, and two front USB 2.0 ports. The bundle also includes a SPDIF audio card, and 8-in-1 software bundle. MSRP for a single board is $169. The SY-KT600 Ultra comes with 4-in-1 software bundle and has a MSRP of $99. Volume discounts are available..."

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