SiS bringt SiS 655FX mit DDR400 und FSB800

Erschienen: 25.06.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Anfang Juli soll endlich die Massenproduktion des ersten SiS Dual DDR400 Chipsatzes mit FSB800 Support beginnen. Gemeinsam mit der neuen überarbeiteten Southbridge (SiS 964), werden kommende SiS 655FX Platinen unter anderem Serial-ATA unterstützen. Erste Mainboards sollen jedoch erst im dritten Quartals diesen Jahres in die Regale kommen. Anfang 2004 wird dann der SiS 656 auf den Markt kommen und zusätzlich DDR-II unterstützen...

"6/24 2003 Taipei,Taiwan - SiS announced SiS655FX, supports Dual DDR400 and FSB800 and Intel® 4 Hyper-Threading Technology. It will provide the best compatiblity & performance P4 Solution for MainStream and Hing End users.

SiS655FX can provide up to 6.4GB/s bandwidth for CPU, NB/SB and Memory. SiS964 integrated Serial ATA interface and can support RAID function. SiS655FX integrate HyperStreaming™ Engine to optimize the system resource usage and can batch process data streaming and data packet in the same time. It will provide an outstanding performance enhancement for hign-end platform. SiS655FX can combine different DDR module and to provide up to 6.4GB/s bandwidth for system. It can provide the flexible configuration for users.

"Dual DDR and FSB 800Mhz will provide the best PC environment to end users. It will unfold the addon value for mainstream PC market" Michael Chen, CEO and President of SiS means: "SiS655FX has all charactors of High end platform, includs high flexible configuration and specifiaction compatibility. It will reduce the memory usage limitation to users and can meet the real requirements of markets."

SiS655FX will be mass produced on July, 2003 and the the motherboards configured with 655FX will enter the market in Q3, 2003..."

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