Soltek mit neuen AGP 3.0 Produkten

Erschienen: 02.11.2002, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Hersteller Soltek präsentiert offiziell zwei neue Produkte, die den neuen AGP 3.0 Spezifikationen (AGP 8x) gerecht werden. Neben einem nForce 2 Motherboard, bekommen wir noch eine Grafikkarte mit Nvidia´s neuem NV18 geboten. Hier die Pressemitteilung...

"Soltek Computer Inc. today officially announces its new socket A mainboard based on nForce 2 SPP chipset: SL-75FRN / 75FRN-R.

SL-75FRN / 75FRN-R adopt NVIDIA nForce2 SPP + MCP chipsets, and support latest Athlon XP/ Athlon/ Duron processors with value features of FSB 333/266 MHZ, Dual Channel DDR 400 / 333 / 266 SDRAM up to 3GB, AGP 8X, Ultra ATA 133/100, 6-Channel AC´97 Audio, 6 x USB 2.0, and Serial ATA Raid Function (SL-75FRN-R only).

As Serial ATA offers benefits such as reductions in voltage and pin countis, and smaller, easier-to-route cables, Serial ATA is expected to eliminate the limitations of the current Parallel ATA interface.

The SL-75FRN-R integrates the Promise PDC20376 Serial ATA RAID controller, offering two channels SATA interface and one ATA-133 interface. The Serial ATA RAID controller also enables the SL-75FRN-R to support RAID 0 or RAID 1 function.

Being power users´ favorites as always, SL-75FRN / 75FRN-R once again satisfy power users with its overclocking capability and easy BIOS adjustments of FSB Setting, Vcore Setting, AGP Voltage, DIMM Voltage, and Multiplier Setting...

Together with NVIDIA AGP 8X mainboards, Soltek also announces its newly Hi-Tech graphics card based on NVIDIA Geforce4 MX440-8X: SL-MX4408X-D6DT.


  • Supports AGP 8X
  • nFiniteFX II Engine
  • Core Clock 275 MHz
  • NVIDIA nView Display Technology
  • NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture (LMA) II
  • NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing
  • 64MB DDR Frame Buffer Memory
  • 650Mhz Video Memory Clock
  • DVI output for digital flat-panel displays
  • TV-OUT S-Video Connector

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