ECS Motherboards mit "aufgelöteter" Grafikkarte

Erschienen: 18.12.2002, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: TweakPC, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Game Union, so heist die neue Motherboard-Serie von Hersteller ECS Elitegroup, welche über eine integrierte Grafikkarte verfügt. Es wurde nicht nur ein Grafikchip auf dem Board untergebracht, der auf den Hauptspeicher zurückgreift, sondern eine extra Grafikkarte, die ihren eigenen Chip, Speicher etc. mitbringt. Die beiden Boards der Serie wurden mit einer Xabre 200 Karte ausgestattet. Als Chipsatz kommt der SiS648 bzw. 746 zum Einsatz. Mehr Informationen in der Pressemitteilung...

"Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world´s leading mainboard manufacturer, today introduced the Game Union 648 (P4S8AG) and Game Union 746 (K7S7AG) mainboards, the world´s first AGP 8X Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) onboard platforms for Intel Pentium 4 and AMD K7 solutions. Embedded with the Xabre 200 GPU and independent 64MB DDR graphics memory, Game Union series mainboards successfully integrate the advanced Direct X8.1 gaming features into a high performance platform loaded with innovative features such as DDR 400 system memory, USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394. Blending fun and power, Game Union series mainboards are the ideal platforms for demanding users of intensive gaming and multi-media applications.

With onboard Xabre 200 GPU and independent 64MB DDR high-speed graphic memory, Game Union series mainboards provide users better performance and a more cost-effective package than the add-on discrete graphic card and mainboard combination. The Game Union series´ Graphics feature-onboard design leads to more efficient data transfer in terms of higher performance and quality because the trace on the graphics card and mainboard used for transferring signals is shorter. Furthermore, Game Union series mainboards can surpass the performance of any UMA architecture mainboard solutions where the graphics processor is integrated into the northbridge. The embedded 64 MB graphic memory helps the GPU accomplish intensive 3D computing without utilizing the system memory.

The DirectX 8.1-supported Xabre 200 GPU also enables Game Union series mainboards to drive the latest popular games. Empowered by Pixelizer and Vertex Shader engines, the Xabre 200 GPU can present advanced graphics effects and better 3D graphics quality. The special ´dynamic overclocking´ feature automatically overclocks the GPU during 3D gaming to give gaming enthusiasts an unlimited gaming force. For gamers who desire an AGP 8X + DirectX 8.1 "union" package and superior overclocking capability, Game Union mainboards are the most budget-effective and convenient one-stop deals.

Packed with a variety of cutting edge features, Game Union series mainboards are ideal multimedia platforms. Built-in 6-channel AC97 is capable of utilizing XeaR technology to provide virtual multi-channel audio while users are playing 3D games, watching DVD or listening to music. Simply by wearing special headphones, users can experience awesome quality surround audio, which is possible via the utilization of concrete speakers. With XeaR technology, users can reduce the overall cost by eliminating the need for rear speakers in a multi-channel audio system.

Two onboard IEEE 1394A ports (optional) and 6 high speed USB 2.0 ports deliver a flexible and high performance interface for users´ applications such as digital camera, DVD, printer, scanner, MO, DVD-ROM drive and other advanced peripherals. The dual ATA133 IDE interface supports a high-speed hard drive, CD-ROM, and DVD-RW. The onboard 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN (optional) feature also saves users the extra expense of buying a LAN card.

DDR 400 system memory, the most innovative and fastest DDR memory module currently available, significantly enhances the memory bandwidth to 3.2GB/sec. Furthermore, SiS´ innovative MuTIOL 1GR technology is used to boost the traffic speed between the north and south bridges. The doubled bandwidth interconnecting the north and south bridges eliminates the platform´s potential bottleneck. As a result of the state-of-the-art architectures utilized, the Game Union 648 and Game Union 746 motherboards are assured of delivering both high performance and versatility."

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