All-In-Wonder Serie von Sapphire: The Beast

Erschienen: 07.01.2003, 06:30 Uhr, Quelle: E-Mail, Autor: Patrick von Brunn

Nachdem wir bereits heute über den Launch der neuen Radeon 9100 von Sapphire berichteten (News), präsentiert uns selbiger Hersteller gleiche noch eine neue Platine. Dabei handelt es sich um eine All-In-Wonder Karte mit ATi´s Radeon 9000 Pro GPU. Die genannte Karte erweitert die "Beast-Serie" von Sapphire, welche nun aus vier Grafikkarten besteht. Mehr Informationen in der Pressemitteilung (Englisch)...

"Leading supplier of ATI Technologies (TSX:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) graphics solutions, Sapphire Technology Limited has just announced that it will soon introduce ALL-IN–WONDER® versions of its successful range of graphics accelerators, in “THE BEAST” series.

ATI’s renowned ALL-IN-WONDER technology adds TV tuner and VCR-like capability to a PC at the same time as high performance real-time graphics and home cinema quality DVD reproduction. Sapphire is set to launch ALL-IN-WONDER versions of its RADEON™ 7500, 8500 and 9000 based products, representing a range of price points, and is scheduled to add a high performance RADEON 9700-based model to the line by the end of the year.

ALL-IN-WONDER technology also adds a state of the art Stereo TV tuner (PAL B/G/D/K/I and SECAM L/D/K) with up to 125 channels to any PC, complete with Teletext, Multistandard Autoscan and Time Shifting functions. The user can watch TV on the TV set or on the PC monitor, while working or surfing the web: full screen, in-window, mosaic and background displays are all available. ATI’s optional wireless radio-frequency remote control, compatible with any USB-equipped PC, makes all these features even easier to access.

The ALL-IN-WONDER displays combine all these features with the advanced technology of the latest ATI graphics chip sets such as ATI’s SMARTSHADER™ technology and support for Direct 3D and DirectX 8.1 and for the Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 features in RADEON 9700 PRO!

Thanks to ATI’s HYDRAVISION™ technology, both single or dual-screen display is supported, so the PC monitor display (DVI or VGA) can be used simultaneously with TV-Out, making the PC the centre of a true multimedia experience. Users can watch DVDs on TV at the same time as working on the PC. ATI’s patented VIDEO IMMERSION™ technology ensures crisp and smooth DVD video playback by providing advanced adaptive de-interlacing support. Alternatively the 1024x768 resolution of the TV-Output for display on PAL/NTSC TV sets, allows users to carry out PC related tasks, such as checking e-mails, on TV..."

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