FIC mit neuen Produkten auf der CeBIT 2003

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Neben vielen anderen Herstellern, wird auch FIC eine Vielzahl neuer Produkte in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen vorstellen. Unter anderem wird FIC sein neues VW11 Motherboard vorstellen, welches auf Intel´s Canterwood Chipsatz basiert. Aber auch passend zur neuen Chip-Generation von ATi, wird man entsprechende Grafikkarten zeigen. Hier die originale Pressemitteilung von FIC (Englisch)...

"Taipei 3 March 2003 – The annual trip to Hannover for the CeBit fair is drawing closer and this year First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) will be putting the emphasis firmly on mobile technology and wireless solutions. However, the usual array of up to the minute motherboard solutions, graphics cards, PC systems and servers will also be there. Look out also for new, ultra compact small form factor solutions that will fit anywhere.

Gene Sheu, President of the FIC Networking and Information Group commented, “We are absolutely delighted with the 2003 product range and people will be more than impressed with the latest FIC products. Although the emphasis this year will be on the mobile and wireless products, we haven’t stopped producing world class motherboards, graphics cards, PC systems, servers and notebooks.”

New Products

FIC are at CeBIT 2003 this year from March 12th-19th in Hannover. The FIC stand will be located in hall 2, position B23. Some of the new products on show will include:

Tablet PC

The SlateVision Tablet PC was released in November last year to coincide with the launch of the Microsoft® operating system that makes it all possible. The Windows® XP Tablet PC edition software is the most advanced operating system ever produced by Microsoft® and it lies at the heart of the Tablet PC concept. The SlateVision Tablet PC features advanced handwriting recognition software using exciting Ink technology and even speech recognition features are available for real hands free operation.

FIC is very proud of the fact that the SlateVision product is a genuine 1GHz Tablet PC that is being offered at a very competitive price all over the world.

Small Form Factor PC System

The range of small form factor PCs has grown considerably since the last CeBit show and new models include the ultra tough, ultra stylish Ice-Cube machines. Both Intel and AMD platforms are supported as well as on-board LAN, graphics and audio. Expansion is possible using PCI card slot and all the latest high speed interfaces are supported. The rugged construction makes the Ice-Cube ideal for LAN parties or work in the field.

Other models to look out for are the Crusader and Sheba models. The ultra compact Sheba PC system is based on a proprietary socket 370 motherboard measuring just 210 x 210 mm, resulting in an overall chassis volume of just 6 liters. The elegant modular design and thumb screw fixings allow trouble free servicing and assembly and the high quality chassis is equipped with Kensington lock fixings for added security. Sheba features on-board graphics, on-board audio, on-board LAN, 4 com ports, 1 parallel port, 6 USB ports, 1 standard PCI expansion slot and 1 low profile PCI expansion slot.

The Crusader small form factor system is one of the quietest PC systems available. The single cooling fan housed in the power supply and the advanced air ducting system has reduced acoustic levels to less than 27dBA. The Crusader is much smaller than a conventional PC system but is based on a standard micro ATX motherboard to make upgrading simple. A PCMCIA supercard is available which supports an IEEE1394 interface and expansion is also possible using PCI cards. USB 2.0 interfaces are also supported.

Another new member of the FIC Small Form Factor family is the Solomon system. Based on a standard micro ATX form factor motherboard, the Solomon system measures just 246 x 310 x 95 mm, with a total chassis volume of only 8 liters. The system supports 6 USB ports, 1 IEEE1394 port, 1 LAN port, 1 serial port, 1 parallel port and SPDIF. Any micro ATX motherboard can be used and the option of 2 PCI slots on a riser card or 3 low profile slots is available. The Solomon’s chassis is equipped with Kensington lock and pad lock fixings for added security and a built-in IR receiver can be used with wireless mouse and keyboard.

Pocket PC

FIC has been producing award winning Pocket PCs for some time and this year several new products will be showcased at CeBit. The new Cavalry Pocket PCs feature a 400MHz Intel PXA 250 processor and a plethora of amazing features. Wireless communication options include WLAN 802.11b or Bluetooth and all models feature an IrDA interface. Another new feature of the Cavalry Pocket PCs is the plug-in digital camera module that turns the device into a fully functional digital camera.

Servers and Wireless Gateway Routers

Two new rack mounted servers will also be on show for the first time at CeBit this year. The Boreas 1U server and the Adonis 2U server are based on the Intel® E7500 chipset and support dual Intel® Xeon processors at a clock speed of up to 2.8GHz. Front side bus (FSB) speed is 400MHz and up to 12 GB of DDR SDRAM memory can be installed. The servers also have an on-board Gigabit Ethernet controller, on-board graphics and 2 USB ports. Popular Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

The Boreas and Adonis servers are powerful and reliable with hot swap fans and hard disks. Remote management is possible over a network and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI plus) v1.5 is supported. The Boreas server can house up to 4 hot-swap 3.5” hard disks and the Adonis can house up to 8. In addition, each server also has one optical drive and one floppy drive.

The Janus and Maat servers will also be at CeBit this year. Designed for home or small office use, the Maat and Janus servers offer customers a good value and reliable server solution with applications ranging from shared storage to network management. The Janus is based on a Windows 2000 operating system and features advanced security functions to keep your data safe. The Janus even features an embedded UPS that will keep the unit running in the event of a power failure and hot-swap hard disks for maximum data protection. The Maat server is based on a robust Linux operating system and features an internal network hub with a wireless LAN interface and remote management facilities.

Also on display this year will be the new Cardea Wireless AP and Gateway Router. The Cardea supports 4 Ethernet 10/100 interfaces, 1 WLAN port, NAT, multiple DMZ, virtual server functions, web based management and dynamic WEP encryption.

Motherboards and Graphics Cards

As always, FIC will be bringing the very latest motherboards to the CeBit show including the new VW11, based on the Intel® Canterwood chipset. The ATX form factor VW11 supports Intel® Pentium 4 processors and up to 4GB of DDR400 memory. Also supported are RAID (0,1and 0+1), ATA33/66/100, USB2.0, IEEE1394 AGP 8X, 5.1 channel sound and on-board Intel® 10/100/1000Mbps LAN.

Look out too for the new VL11 motherboard. The VL11 carries all the same features as the VW11 but is based on the eagerly awaited Intel® 865PE chipset and features on-board BroadCom 10/100 LAN. The VL11 is also an ATX form factor. All FIC motherboards based on the Intel® 865 series chipsets feature the ICH5 south bridge which allows support for 800MHz front side bus (FSB), 8 USB 2.0 ports and AGP8X.

Based on the Intel® 865G chipset is the new VL31G which supports up to 2 GB of DDR400 memory. The VL31G also features on-board graphics, AGP8X slot, 5.1 channel sound, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 3 IEEE1394 ports, BroadCom 10/100 LAN and ATA 33/66/100. The VL31G is micro ATX form factor.

FIC is now producing a huge range of advanced video cards based on ATI technology. New additions to the range include the A98 and A98P based on the ATI Radeon 9800 and 9800 Pro graphics engines respectively. The A98 and A98P both feature 400MHz RAMDAC, 8 pipeline architecture, 256 bit data width, 512Kb of serial flash ROM, AGP 8X/4X/2X compatibility, TV-out, support for simultaneous dual displays and DirectX 9.0/OpenGL support. In addition, the A98 will support 128MB of DDR memory and a core/memory clock speed of 325/310MHz. The A98P will support up to 256MB of DDR memory and has a core/memory clock speed of 400/460MHz.

The new A97 and A97P graphics cards are based on the ATI Radeon 9700 and 9700Pro graphics engines respectively. The awesome A97P features a 325/310MHz core memory clock and 256bit memory interface. The A97and A97P are AGP 4X and 8X compatible and advanced 3D features include SMARTHEADER 2.0, SMOOTHVISION 2.0, HYPER Z III, TRUEFORM 2.0 AND VIDEOSHADER. Both the A97 and A97P also support DirectX9.0..."

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